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Data Analysis

The data that agencies gather has become a critical component in making important and accurate business decisions. However, agencies often face significant challenges in uncovering raw data into meaningful evidence that will provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of their programs and services.

We mostly use SAS, R, S-plus, JMP, Winbug and other necessary software as per the need.  Read More

Survey Research and Development

Survey research is one of the valuable marketing strategies to grow business. Getting enough and well represented sample is extremely important for all surveys. At the same time, analyzing those data is equally important if not more. Therefore it is critical to have experts working on the design, collect, analyze and report so the time and resources are not wasted.  Read More

Our team of Statisticians and Analyst assist you to

  • Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Power analysis and Sample size determination
  • Design of Experiments and Surveys
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Preparation of Reports &
  • More

Our Promise

  • Quick response time
  • Results explained in simple and non-technical language
  • Personalized and Agile approach
  • Thorough theoretical research
  • Apply correct methods and tools
  • Provide accurate & valuable information

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